About Us

The Springwood Boys and Girls Club (as we are more commonly called) has serviced the Blue Mountains community for 60 years. We were formed on 12th January 1956, by a group of fathers with the initial aims to “afford the boys an opportunity of participating in healthy recreation and to be taught the principles of good citizenship.”

Activities were extended in the late 1960’s to include girls and the name change to Springwood & District Boys and Girls club. The original aim of our forefathers is still valued by the club today, as is our respect for those who have and/or continue to donate their service to the continuation of our club.

With this in mind, our aim is “To provide affordable, fun and healthy recreational activities, whilst promoting good citizenship”.

Our Goals are to :

  • Maintain a family focused approach to foster the ability to socialise, have fun and make friends.
  • Nurture and develop physical, cognitive and emotional growth, through interactive and imaginative activity all year round.
  • Promote awareness of our local community, why it is important and strengthen the people and relationships within it.

Over the years our Club has provided coaching in many different sporting arenas such as boxing, wrestling, rock climbing, football, netball, athletics and gymnastics and has been instrumental in helping form new and specialised sporting clubs throughout our district.

Currently we mainly offer gymnastics (being described as a whole body experience) and fitness programs for boys and girls from 12 months old to teenagers to adults! These programs have been designed to cater for all levels of ability and experience, whilst ensuring that all participants have FUN in a safe and friendly environment!

Originally located in Springwood (from 1963 the club leased and later purchased the “ROXY” in Macquarie Road), we moved to Tusculum Rd Valley Heights, after our purpose built permanent venue, equipped with Olympic standard gymnastic equipment (including a full sized sprung floor) was built.

To coincide with the 40th anniversary of the club, the new premises were officially opened on 19th October 1996. The club celebrated the 15th year anniversary of the clubhouse in 2011.
In 2016, the club celebrated it’s 60th anniversary.

Explore our wide range of gymnastics programs

suitable for all ages from pre-schoolers to adults