Club Rules

* Springwood Boys and Girls club does have a Behaviour Management Policy that fully outlines
our required codes of conduct for all Staff, Gymnasts, Parents/Guardians and Spectators.


NO ONE is allowed on equipment unless they are participating in the gym class being run at that time.

NOT To Leave The Hall

Children are NOT to leave the hall without an adult. Neither are they to wander around outside.

Collect Their Children

Adults must come in to the hall to collect their children.

Courteous & Obey Instructions

Children should be courteous and obey instructions at all times.

Hair Must Be Tied Back Out

Hair must be tied back out of the face and ALL jewellery must be removed. NO BOBBY PINS are allowed

Wait Behind The Barrier

Children must wait behind the barrier until their coach indicates that their class is starting.

Bring A Water Bottle

Bring a water bottle and leave it in a designated area.

Bad Language

Bad language and behaviour will not be tolerated.

Play Quietly

Children must play quietly in the foyer or carpark. Running, jumping and ball games are unsafe and not allowed.

Chewing-Gum Is A Banned

Chewing-gum is a banned substance within our Club; this includes parents and coaches as well as children.

Not Allowed On Equipment

Siblings are not allowed on equipment at ANY time and must remain with and under the supervision of parents or guardians at ALL times.

Eating Is Not Permitted

Eating is not permitted in the gym area. Please keep all food and drink behind the barrier.

Kitchen Area Is Out Of Bounds

The kitchen area is out of bounds to all persons except coaches and class managers unless under special instruction.

No Smoking

Smoking in NOT allowed in or near the building, this includes near any door and in the carpark. Springwood Boys and Girls Club is a Smoke Free Environment.

Absences Without Explanation

Absences of more than 3 weeks without explanation may mean removal from the Class Roll and placement offered to the next available child from our waiting list.

Evacuation Procedure

Please ensure you are familiar with our evacuation procedure and gathering point. Parents must not take their children in the event of an evacuation unless they have been released by Coaches or a Club representative.

Signed In By A Parent

All gymnasts under the age of 17 must be signed in by a parent or responsible adult at the beginning of every class. Parents must park and walk their children into the gym. Parents are not to drop their children in the car park.

Fire Extinguishers

Do not touch or obstruct the Fire Hose Reel, Fire Extinguishers at any time, or obstruct any exit. The area in front of fire hose reels is to be kept clear at all times and the fire reels are not to be touched (this is a legal requirement).

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